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Dear Celine Misty Morning Houndstooth Coat Review

I had been wanting this coat for a while, so I was really excited when I got it today. ^_^

So, I ordered this coat before my birthday (Sept 13) and paid for it. Sent measurements, got emails back asking if my shoulders were really that broad and upon re-measuring, I discovered that they weren't. Basically, communication was good and helpful. They always responded quickly to any questions that I had.

I got the dress today in the standard EMS packaging (and since so many reviews include a picture of this packaging, I didn't think it was necessary to show it. My roommate rushed out of her room to see it.

Laid out, it looks really pretty.

The color isn't as saturated as it looks on the site (but then, any site except bodyline can make their stuff look better than when you get it). That was ok though. It doesn't look as dull as in my pictures though. My camera just sucks. Also, sorry if the pictures are blurry. I think it was a joint effort between my camera and my shaky hands. I didn't really find any sewing issues. What might look like a wiggly line is just the dress laying unevenly on my bed.

Here's a close up of the sleeve.

I love the little ruffles. =)

Here's the inside. All lined and stuff.

Ignore the pile of manga on the floor back there... In all the dress was made well enough. However, then came time to try it on and there was one thing that really kind of made me sad.

Here is the Dear Celine image.

And here is my coat

It looks like mine used less fabric in the skirt area. I don't get those nice little folds in front even if I try to make them. I was also under the impression that this would be just a bit longer. I'm not a big fan of my knees and I'm pretty short.

It looks cute in back though. I don't know. Maybe I'm just nit picky or wearing the wrong petticoat. Oh well. In all, I do think this could be better, but I do like it. It's really warm too. My apartment is always heavily air conditioned and I felt like I was about to start sweating. Definitely a nice cozy coat despite the discrepancies. I do like it. I'll have to dress up fully and take some pictures in sunlight.

Anyway, that's the coat.  (I need to get that big wire shoe out of the living room) Correspondence and shipping were good (no problems) but the dress was slightly off design-wise. I'd probably give it a 3/5. Hope this review was helpful.
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