mmonmann (mmonmann) wrote in egl,

Malco Modes petticoat model 1810

I've been in the market for a new petticoat, and I've heard great things about Malco Modes 582 in terms of its fluffiness and its versatility for A-line or cupcake shape. However, I'm always seeing them at around $50, a little out of my price range. Upon Googling around, I found about their children's petticoats, and the 1810 is described as the children's version of the 582. The L size is good for waists 23"-30" and is 19" long, plus it's cheaper, so it's a great fit for me. I'm concerned it's going to be less poofy though. Does anyone know how good it is?
Tags: garment: bloomers/petticoats, request: review

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