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Attention: Low Country Area Loli's! New Facebook and Upcoming Meetup!

UPDATE: Meet Up date will be Thursday October 28th, at 7pm. If you are interested in attending, please visit either the savalita lj comm or the facebook group below. Details about where to meet, how to get there, etc., will be posted in both communities October 22nd. If you have any questions about transport, locations, or if you just want to do something, pm me! ^_^

Two Announcements!

Firstly, if you live in the Low Country Area of the South - this roughly encompasses the area between Charleston SC and Jacksonville, FL, including the Hilton Head/Savannah/St. Simon's Tri-Coastal Area and surrounding counties - be sure to check out the new facebook page Low Country Lolitas located here: .

Now - on that note, there is a meet up being planned for either the 27th or 28th of October for an evening ghost tour of Downtown Savannah followed by a visit to one (or multiple) treat shops in the downtown area for something sweet. Details can be found either in the Meet Up post on the Savalita lj page here , or the new facebook community. If you're interested, be sure to comment or pm me, don't be shy!
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