Candy Threads (candythreads) wrote in egl,
Candy Threads

Lovenotes & Lockets Skirt Photoshoot

The other day two friends and I went out to do a quick photoshoot with a casual winter theme with my skirts from my new DIY skirt kit. Problem was the temperature decided to go from freezing to 75 degrees and everything was green. Besides that I think it turned out okay and we had a lot of fun.

I'm the one in black/lavender and my friend & photographer have no website I could link to.
The skirts and necklaces are handmade by me, everything else is offbrand or bodyline.

We shed a few layers for the last two. Trying to show details on skirt but the sun kind of washed a lot of it out.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: media: photoshoots

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