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Theme post: A Sonnet

Oh hey, I've never done one of these theme post before. Awesome.

I gaze at your window, transformed

With eyes opened to new delights and longing.

Your cold and comely form, shockingly adorned

And enticing me to enter against warning.

For there are many reasons why I can’t have you;

You are a shallow thing, fickle, and your love is costly

But oh how little much I care with you clearly in view,

And with looking, the want grows hotly.

Though wanting to having is not so offensive,

For with effort and sympathy I have found a way.

My figure and tastes more pleasing,; my means, extensive

And now I revel in your embrace; in mine you shall stay.

Fashion may be, as once said, “a form of ugliness so intolerable”

But Baby; delighting in your clothes to me is always honorable.

I originally wrote this as based on my experience in discovering a love for clothes through Betsey Johnson, but being that my experience was pretty Momoko-like and that the label name is interchangeable, I just made it "Baby" instead of "Betsey" here. We were joking about switching it to being about Mr. Yan on my facebook notes. >.>
Tags: media: fictions/short stories/poems, theme: october
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