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Winter Coat Suggestion/Review Request

It's about to get cold where I live and I need some help finding the perfect coat. :D I'm also looking for a review for a certain Kidsyoyo coat.

Its going to get cold really soon, and I just realized I need a new coat, since my old one isn't cutting it. I really like this coat by Kidsyoyo,:

But I dont like the colors it comes in(Brown and Red/Black)...does anyone know of another place that may have it in another color, or a coat with a similar design? Also if anyone owns this coat could you tell me what it's like? (If I end up just buying the brown and getting over it.) I'm looking for suggestions for some other coats (preferrably from Taobao, since brand coats are a bit too expensive for me. DX) Though I am in love with the color pink and white, both would probably get dirty easily, so I'm looking for a nice thick black coat. Even though I really want a white coat...Hm. Either way, any help is greatly appreciated!I've been searching for coat reviews in the community but nothing is really catching my eye. I want a coat either black or white that has a sweet-ish design. Thanks in advance~
Tags: coordinates: questions, garment: coats/capes, request: information, request: inspiration
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