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Monthly Theme : A Lolita Poem

Um this is a really old  one

But I hope you Like anyways ^__^
My inspirations for this were Emilie Autumn and the anime Le Portrait de petit Cossette

Gothic Lolita

Pour me a cup of blood and with 3 sweet spoons of revenge

You might not remember me but I remember your cold gaze

You trapped me in the portrait of despair because you thought I would remain beautiful that way

Sweet irony of love, hate sees it but only the dead understand it


Yes I would love biscuit to enjoy my tea with

No one remembers me; I’m just a dead little girl

I am the beauty who haunts the lace and ruffles

In the name of love I was dressed like a beautiful doll and shot


I’m your obsession! The Life of your Illusions, you and I will die in these fields of black

You can’t escape me even though your embrace goes right through me

Call me the Rose phantom; I’ll be watching you paint a portrait of me in your blood

It must be quiet painfully to have a silver rose forced into your beating heart


Are you suffering? I want your beautiful suffering

It sends a pulsing satisfactory in my ghostly veins and it gives a right to kiss the maiden of sorrow

I love you and you must never mistake my insanity for hatred, but still it’s in your eyes

I will drink your tears till I fade into nothing


Follow me into this Garden of rot; I will dance until the silver sun dies

We shall listen to whispers of the forgotten and hope the walls don’t listen

Will you drink from this tea cup of blood? And how many cubs of sugar do you want? 1 or 2

You must drink it while it’s still warm; it’s freshly brewed from my soul!


I am that emotionless doll on shelf of the toy store

I watch the world pass me by but I never change or grow, and there’s always nothing inside me

I am the Lady of this house of lace

I am Gothic Lolita.




Tags: media: fictions/short stories/poems, theme: october
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