Märchen schreibt die Zeit (lokisday) wrote in egl,
Märchen schreibt die Zeit

Skirts vsk JSKs?

Since I got into Lolita a short while ago I've been seeing that a lot of the time, skirts almost go for as much money as JSKs. I'm sure you can point out many instances in which this would be false, but I do find it a lot, hence this post.

Why do you think this is so? Is the top-part of a JSK worth so little extra? To me, a JSK is like a sleeveless dress, and it makes sense to pay €300 for a dress... yet I feel more awkward about paying €290 for a skirt. (These are only example prices, I'm not referring to anything anyone is actually selling! :))

Is there just something wrong with my definition of how "important" an item of clothing is? IMHO, because you need a top of some sort to go with a skirt, a skirt should be cheaper, whereas a dress is a finished item of clothing in itself and can therefore be more expensive.

What do you guys think? Would you ever trade a JSK for a skirt, or would you feel ripped off?

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