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Your Dark Side

Hello girls!! How are we?

I don't know if this follows the October theme very well, but I thought it would be an interesting conversation topic. Now, we all know lolitas are supposed to be sweet, elegant, and all around cute, right? Well, despite our sweet exterior, I am sure deep down, everyone has a dark side. Whether people know about it or not, there is always something dark that lurks within everyones soul....  and I want to know what it is.

Whether is be something that you obsess crazily about, or it be jealously and envy.... It could be as minor as your favourite horror movies, or that you like to look for ghosts everytime you set foot into an old house, whatever it is that makes your dark side smile, leave a comment and tell me what it is! :D

I hope to get a lot of interesting responses!!
Tags: discussion: misc, lifestyle: holidays, theme: october
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