lena7212 (lena7212) wrote in egl,

Blouse Depuff sleeves?

Hi everyone

I've got a blouse that have been sitting in my closet for a long time,because I find the sleeves too big and puffy to wear outside. I've got huge shoulders and the puff sleeves makes it look even bigger. Is there anything I could do to modify the sleeves to make it look less puffy? I want to take it to a seamstress but I'm worried that they won't understand what I mean, I'm a bit wary of altering it myself, but I'm open to it if I find  a way to. I don't mind slightly puffy sleeves like the ones from Baby but this is a bit too puffy for my liking.
The blouse in question is this

Btw, does anyone find that puffy sleeves look weird underneath cardigans? Is there anyway to prevent it? or do you just avoid wearing cardigans with it?

Thank you for any answers in advance.
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