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Two tone wigs!

I've been wanting to make two tone wigs for awhile now. Was asked by vanillablitz to make a tutorial. I thought I would share it with EGL since I have been seeing people ask in the past posts for some time now.

I have some old wigs laying around and wanted to try it out. Be warned. I used to think I could make 2 twotone wigs from the 2 wigs, and maybe I could, but more than likely it would ruin the elastic if I cut it down the middle.

Got some advice from aeonispi that you can make 2 twotone wigs, you just need to cut the elastic down the middle and add more elastic over it for better support! I am so gonna try this!

Also, Uttate suggested that- http://shop.ebay.com/swjtu2000/m.html?_nkw=wig&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3911.m270.l1313&_dmd=1&_odkw=3d&_osacat=0
Has some cheap wigs you can buy to practice on, and has free shipping!

Items you will need:
*) 2 wigs. I suggest you purchase both wigs from the same dealer/company. So that you won't face one wigs design to be different like I did.
*) Sissors, any sharp ones should work!
*) Needle and thread. I used a regluar needle and cotton thread. You can use embrodery thread if you want. It works fine either way.
*) wig comb/brush. It helps when you need to make it not so messy/cutting and styling it.

For the thread, I do double layering for strength in sewing the wig up.

Old cheap red wig I got off e-bay for $12.

Brown wig, got it in a wig and clip pair, but the clips don't match from the dealer I bought it from.

Now to cutting~!

Turn your wigs inside out. Try to make sure your wigs bangs don't get mixed up with the bottom half. You'll end up messing up your bangs if you do. ; o;

Figure out which side of the wig you want it to be. This is going to be the Left side. So I make sure the elastic is on the side it's going to be on.

Right side~

When you get done cutting both sides, you can pin it to your manquin head to see how it might look. Mine right now looks fugly. But you don't have to do this! It's if you want.

Time to start sewing!

Try aligning both elastics so that the top of each wig is aligned.

This is the front/bangs part of the wig. Made sure it was straight with one another. Almost like sewing a sleeve to a shirt.

I used a over stitch/ making X's. It's abit messy, but I make sure it's strong by going over the stitch 5-10 times. When you notice it will start to curve-

Stitch about 4-5 seperate places. For some of us with alot of hair/thick hair, the back of our wig being able to shape to our head/hair helps. So these seperate stitchs helps the elastic being able to stretch.

Done sewing!

Turn your wig inside out and comb it with your wig comb. If you don't have one, They sell them at wig shops or ask sallys beauty supplies. If they don't have any, try E-bay. Some wig shops do sell wig combs, or come with free wig combs and wig caps with purchases. You just have to look. D:

Your free to style your wig. If your not comfortable, I suggest going to a hair shop and talking to a stylist and see if they can help you. <3

This is mine.



Was asked what you can do if you do ruin the other half of the wig. You can ball it up and sew/pin it on the wig!

Still styling/sewing, but it's on there pretty good<3

The total time I did to make this wig is about 1-2 hours. It didn't take long, and I had funnnnn. * -*b!! <3

You can use this for clip ons too. Just need to take off the clips, and cutting the bangs to match up with eachother. I would be weary though, I suggest playing on some cheap wigs like I did or you just ruined 2 pretty wigs! ;-;

I plan on making some wigs like:

I hope this was alittle bit helpful. If you have any Questions, please feel free to ask!
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