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NYCC/ NYAF Day 1 Photos

This was my first time at NYAF/NYCC and it was really interesting! I took a few photos of the lolita's I saw the first day (though I got there kind of late) and I wanted to share them. I will have the rest of the days photos up later :)!

The first picture is the yucky pre-registration line :/ so let's forget that and move on to the lovelies!!! 8D
Sorry I don't remember a lot of your lj names :(!

Kelly who I keep seeing first thing everyday 8D!


hehehe :)

At the Lolita Panel the first day

Kelsey at the I Do Declare Table
Go check out her cool stuff at the Artist Alley this weekend or on Etsy!

Lady Martha looking away !


archfaith (I remember your username but not your real name @.@!) Lolita out of lolita!

With my fellow pirate lingzero/sherry!
Let's see if we match again on Sunday because we are 2/2 so far....bwahahaha!

A sweet lolita in jewelry jelly!

Bianca/curly_b -my not so secret anymore lolita crush *o*!

Same sweet lolita from before now with Victoria(?) from Lolita Charm who co hosted the lolita panel!

Amanikitty (name?- who also hosted the lolita panel) and Yuki at the MintyMix table!
That table is slim pickings now- hurry on by!

If you look closely Yuki is wearing a DBZ JSK 8O!

I like how her keysword matches her outfit :)

Please enjoy!

I will be posting more photos soon with all the lovely lolitas I saw on Saturday (there were a lot more) and photos of the booths :)!
I hope to see more of you on Sunday!
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