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The Doll: Themed Short Story

This is my first time posting for a theme, so I hope this is good... I thought, seeing as how it's coming up quickly to Halloween, I'd dig this old short story out from the dusty bowels of my computer.

It's a short story about a young lolita who has this freaky doll. I can't say much more without spoiling the rest of it. It's not very long (being a short story :D) but I hope it's enjoyable. I thought I'd combine the two themes for this month. It's slightly creepy, but nothing gory ;D

And without further ado, my story, The Doll.



The Moor. A dark, swampy place. No one would dare enter past the creaky, rusty wrought iron gates. Except for me.

They say that inside there's a little girl. A little girl with a doll. Some say it's a china doll, some say it's a voodoo doll. Tonight, I'm about to find out.

I cross the gravel pathway and hear the bubbling of the swamp nearby. I approach the large mansion made of rotting wood and shrieking metal beams.

As I mount the wooden steps, I hear a laugh. It's cruel, maniacal, and it definitely belongs to a little girl. I knock once.

The door opens very slowly and I peek inside. In the hallway, adorned with cobwebs and dust is a big table surrounded with empty chairs, some broken, some barely touched.

I stepped inside and heard the door close loudly behind me. Another laugh echoed through the hallways.

At the very end chair of the long table, a little doll was sitting there. It was a china doll with a crack from it's left eye creeping all the way to it's slightly grinning mouth. It had a small bandage over the right eye and it’s same arm was in a gauze sling. And at the chair closest to me, a small head peeked around from behind it.

"Do you want to play tea party with me?" She asked. Her voice was soft and high. It couldn't be the source of that cold laughter!

"Actually--" I felt something hairy brush past my leg. Something with definitely more then four legs. "I need to get going"

The girl stood up and the room got eerily quiet, barely a wind rushing in through a broken window to my right.

I looked around, the door behind me obviously wasn't the way out. It was hard to see. The room was dark and smelled musty. There was a single staircase at the very end of the hall.

The girl walked over to her doll and leaned in close to it, as if it were going to whisper her a secret. She giggled and straightened back up.

"My dollie thinks that you do" She said, taking a step closer to me.

I bolted for the stairs, hoping to find a window at least to jump out of.

"Stop!" The girl wailed. I found I couldn't move anymore. She laughed. "I want you to play with me!"

I slowly turned around, but not willingly. Something moved me that was so strong I couldn't resist it.

"But first we need to get you in your tea party dress" The girl said. She led me up the stairs and into a room of dolls. I mean, dolls lined everything.

They all wore party dresses, they all were cracked and they all had the same expression, fear.

She walked over to a large armoire and withdrew a large black and white tea dress. I was surprised to suddenly find myself wearing it.

"But before we celebrate a new friend, we need to make sure you're like everybody else." She said matter-of-factly. She turned around, holding a large rusty knife.

I tried to run but I couldn't move as she scraped the blade across my hand, drawing blood. The pain was horrible, but I couldn't do anything to help it.

"Much better. Now, where should I put you?" She smiled and suddenly I found myself in her hands. She set me up in a shelf by a young looking doll that had pretty blue eyes.

And that's how I became a broken doll.


The moans, wails and pleas for mercy still echo throughout the hall long after I get a new guest.

It pains me to have such ungrateful friends, but they just won’t ever stop. Every time I try to bargain with them, they only groan louder about their bleeding hands, their broken arms or their shattered foot.

I should stop. After all, I have enough friends to last me a life time now. But I can’t. It’s just not possible.

I have this doll. She used to be very beautiful. When I lived with my mummy and daddy, we would wear nice clothes and have fancy tea parties. Until my maid got very mad and hurled my poor dollie at the wall. Now her dainty, porcelain face is cracked, so I have to be extra careful.

My dollie would talk to me before the accident. We’d share small talk over finger sandwiches and china glasses of hot tea. We had a special connection.

But when my dollie was thrown at the wall, I could hear her cries. I could hear her sobbing with pain. I simply had to help her. So I rescued her and bandaged her up as best as I could.

She thanked me and promised me that she’d be my best friend for ever and I’d be hers. I was so happy! But then she started whispering things to me. Bad things. She told me to get revenge on my maid. I tried to reason with her. Tell her that I couldn’t do what she wanted. But after a while, it was almost as if I couldn’t resist.

So I led my maid out to the mansion where I hide now, insisting that a street urchin had stolen my favorite dollie dress and that she needed to help me find it. She seemed skeptical but didn’t refuse.

I tore a piece of satin off my gown and tossed it into the mist, letting it land on the spot where I knew you would sink right in. I called out to her and pointed. She squinted down, smiled at me and told me not to worry. Poor Hildegard.

I looked up to a window after the last traces of my previous maid had vanished and my dollie smiled at me, sitting on a wooden chair to watch. I went inside to join her. After that, I got rather lonely. I told my dollie my troubles and she told me a secret. If I could get a guest for our tea party, she would make her my second best friend. Forever.

I didn’t think twice. I left the mansion and searched out somebody that was nice and around my age. I found her at the park. She introduced herself as Madison. She had soft blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.

I led her to my new house where she met my dollie. She grimaced at her broken state but patted her on the head sympathetically and sat down by my chair. My dollie wasn’t pleased. She told me that we needed more guests for it to be an official tea party.

I ran out to find some more guests. I don’t know how she didn’t, but when I got back, Madison was gone. And in her place was one of the loveliest dolls I’d ever seen. She had bouncy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, just like Madison. But instead of the pretty smile my dollie usually wore, she looked frightened.

I still adored her anyway. But I knew she couldn’t just wear that one dress she had on, so I committed myself to making a collection of doll clothes just for her. And then, we got another friend. This time, she accidentally stumbled upon me and my dollie. She said she was looking for her lost dog. She joined the tea party too. Permanently.

Soon, I was addicted. Even now. In my sewing room, every wall is lined with shelves that are, in turn, lined with beautiful dolls in beautiful gowns. And the collection keeps growing every week.

So what do you say? Want to join?

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