Outou (outou) wrote in egl,

Question about three "indie" brands

I've been looking into Sincerely, Moon Afternoon, and Angel Fish, all of which are small Classic Lolita/Natural Kei brands that don't ship overseas. While Sincerely has a "shopping cart" system, both Moon Afternoon and Angel Fish appear to be email-based, which makes me wonder if most shopping services will make orders to them. Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing? If so, are the fees more expensive than usual -- enough so that I should just wait and see if Moon Afternoon really does manage to make an order system for foreign customers?

Finally, has anyone actually ordered from these brands before? I've been looking for reviews, but only found a dead link to Celga and a bunch of posts asking how to order from the brands. Any help is appreciated!
Tags: discussion: indie brands
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