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Hyper Japan 2010

Hello everyone!

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to model Baby at the Hyper Japan event on Saturday in London, so as a girl who is typically into the more gothic side of frills, I am here to share a few photos of the event and my day as a sweet lolita. I hope you enjoy them!

I had an early start getting into London for 9am and going immediately into hair and makeup for the show start at 12. It was very nice and relaxing, though!

Misako and the BPN model, Laura.

Backstage crew

The Moi Meme Moitié model, Megan, getting her makeup done.

Misako :)

Looking through a massive pile of false eyelashes!

Just before I took this face Misako was making this face :3 and eyeing up the 'kurispii' :D

Sneaky photo of sweetlolikaikai, raralikeaskirt and Emma (lj name?) waiting for the show to start.

Lovely lovely pixie_late getting her hair done in a demonstration by Mami Honda on stage.

Megan takes to the stage!

Then Laura!

Then me!

Showing the Aristo Kitty's Invitation print.

We all came out again together

and then all the lolitas in the audience were invited on stage for photographs :)

Relaxing with one of my best friends Gabi after the show (as a shameless plug, have a listen to her band here, Inner Child is very lolita-like. Facebook page here! :3 )

Misako writes a little message in my book. My shoes look so big here! For some reason, despite giving them my shoe size they only brought L size shoes! I'm between an S and an M! :p

I retreated to the staff box to spy on everyone for a little while shortly after the show because I was rather exhausted! A delicious bento box picked me up a bit :)

There was a live stream to Nico Nico Douga which was very popular. Lots of people got interviewed and were met with many "KAWAII"s and proposals of marriage!

With the shop assistant of Baby Paris (does anyone know her name? I forgot it :{)

With Naoki Matsumura, Editorial Supervisor of KERA

The KERA pop up shop! I think a lot of people were a little disappointed with the selection; it was quite basic, but I imagine they were wary of what would sell as it was the first time any of the brands were selling in the UK. Hopefully more prints and some shoes next year!

On my way home, very much back to my usual ways...

Very dainty and elegant.

Being so dolled up for the day was really fun and definitely made me want everything to be that fabulous and exciting every day! As I said at the event I may even make a diversion into sweet every once in a while :)
Misako and the rest of the KERA team were really cute and so nice, too. I thought that it was a really friendly and relaxed event and I had a lot of fun, so I hope everyone else had a good time too! It was the first time I had ever been to any con, and I haven't been to a meet since the very first UK meets back in 2004, so it was lovely to meet everyone. I was shocked when I got home that in all the madness I didn't get photos with anyone on my camera. I know we took loads so if anyone has photos of us together and in groups then I'd love to see them. Here's looking forward to next year's event!

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