jellyfishlady (jellyfishlady) wrote in egl,

What would be cheaper? SS, buying from an online store, or going there in person w/iffy money rates?

Basically what the title of the post asks. Is it cheaper for me to get a SS, abroad or domestic, or would it cost just the same if I bought the item from an online store? Iv'e never used a SS service before, so I don't know the basic fees or rates. I do know however that if I can find a domestic SS, it'll be cheaper than a SS overseas. What I was looking at were a pair of shoes from Baby and I used xe to estimate the cost of the item +shipping. The price estimated ended around $214. >_< So SS( count the fact that the US store may not have what I'm looking for) or an online store?

Also, I'm going to France for spring break with a school group, and we get extra time to explore on our own after the day's scheduled activities. I wanted to visit the Baby store there and I thought it just might be cheaper to buy the shoes directly from the store. I then worried about the exchange rate between USD and Euros. :/ I want to find the cheapest route possible( if in fact the US store doesn't have the item I'm looking for). This is where I need help from people with SS experience, SS themselves, and from those frequent shoppers of the French Baby store( are the prices at the France Baby store hiked up?). Any advice and help is appreciated! :)

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