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Petticoat from Chicstar for $25,95 ($33,95 shipped): Review.

I was searching for a new petticoat, to bolster my inadequate Bodyline petti. I came across Chicstar's "Organza Petticoat", which I subsequently ordered. Review under the cut!

My total for this order, shipped to Oregon, was $33,95.
I placed the order, including payment, on the 26th of September, a Sunday. I checked the order status on the 28th, and it was listed as "shipped", and an EMS tracking number was also there. However there was no email notification of the order shipping. After the tracking number finally became active, it showed that the package was accepted on the 2nd of October, almost a week after the order was placed. Apparently China was on holiday during this time, though this wasn't mentioned on the site.

Shipping was via EMS, from the Shanghai area. The package was accepted on the 2nd, and 1st delivery was attempted on the 6th. The petticoat was folded and packed tightly in a plastic bag. taken out of the plastic bag, it took a little bit of shaking and fluffing to get the petti to poof. 

The material, though, isn't really Organza? (correct me if I'm wrong) It is three layers of relatively stiff netting, with a satiny lining. I guess I didn't look at the stock photos very carefully, but I'm now sort of confused.

Like mentioned before, it is 3 layers of netting, and has a long satin waist band, and a satin lining, going 2/3s of the way down the petti. The material is stiff, but it isn't as scratchy as it initially looked like it would be. Even without bloomers, scratchy-ness shouldn't be that big of a problem, thanks to the lining, but towards the bottom of the petti, your legs are going to be exposed to the netting. 
Picture of lining, with ties. The waist band is elastic, with the ties as reinforcement.

Detail of the netting:

It is fairly long, and the website lists it as 25,59 inches. My BL petti is 19 inches, and indeed, this one extends out quite a bit when worn under the BL petti. Here is a picture of it worn at the waist, by itself, and not rolled up:

And here worn under the BL petticoat, and rolled up to match lengths:

And worn under two different JSKs.

For comparison, here is a picture of the 2nd JSK worn with just the BL petticoat:
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