wabbie_chan (wabbie_chan) wrote in egl,

Help with coordinating a blouse

Hello everyone! I need your help coordinating a VM top.

A few months ago I bought this top (I don't what's the real name for this sort of top) from the community.



I didn't think it through because it was a very pretty top and for a low price so I bought it, but now (should have figured) I cant find a skirt to go with it. I can't find the matching skirt, if there ever was one and even a skirt with a really similar print is not matching enough. The fabric is not common cotton either, it looks more like linen but I dont think it is that either.

So does anyone have any ideas on what kind of a skirt would look good on it? Maybe something solid color? Finally does anyone know the name of this top?  Any help would be much appreciated ^_^ Thank you all for your help!
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