sevalprincess (sevalprincess) wrote in egl,

First Sweet Lolita Expierence

Alright, so today was the first day I decided to wear lolita in public. I don't have much in the way of sweet though it is my favorite style, and I jsut got my birthday present from myself in the mail yesterday and it begged to be worn!
Its is a skirt, bloomer, cuff and headbow set made by broknwingz.
It is, of course, overly pink and ribbony and it has CUPCAKES all over the material. I adore and and decided that today was going to be the day that I wore it all out at once! [So adventurous I know.]

I went to the store to buy a bus pass all dressed up in sweet and got told by a multitude of elderly women that I looked so cute they could eat me up. I laughed cause, I mean come on, im wearing cupcakes!
And then the sweetest older man came up and asked me where I was from, and I told him around here, he was shocked and asked if I had dressed up for anything special and when I said no he was even more shocked and said, "I wish more girls would dress like they care about themselves and how they look now a days."
I was so shocked and happy I could have died! How sweet is that?

Now i'm in my child development class awaiting it to start, and people just keep giving me funny looks, but I don't care I feel adorable and happy and definitely beautiful, and that older man made my darn day!
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