ClockworkAngels (clockworkangels) wrote in egl,

Coordination Help?? ^___^

so I've bought a cute red Bodyline OP and a pair of BL shoes, but I am not sure how to coordinate it further...

Edit:  Dropped the Disneyland association, because I really want to wear this dress more often and I'm just looking  for cute coord ideas ^. ^

I bought this bodyline OP and shoes:

I'm gettin rid of the white bows on the bottom, and the two rows of red crossing ribbons on the top. (I'll leave the red bows on)

I'm also planning on wearing a turtleneck because I like those better than blouses.

Can anyone help me coordinate this further?? I need more details, but can't come up with much.
Color of tights/ turtleneck/ bag?  

Does anyone has pic of them in a coord with this (or similar red/white dots) dress?

So sorry for the long story!
I really appreciate all cute idea's and suggestions!

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