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OP Contemplation

So I want to have one Kuro-Lolita outfit and one Shiro-Lolita outfit in my closet (I'm not sure if it is necessary to complete a Lolita closet, but I suppose I prefer that there should be).

There is someone selling the rare Hawase Doll OP in white, that was seen in the Kamikaze Girls movie. I love this dress and I love that movie, and the fact that it is rare makes me desire it even more. It is being sold with the matching hairband, making it more enticing. I am a bit scared that if I own it, I might want to fully replicate Momoko's look, but I don't think that would be TOO much of a problem.

However, I've been looking at the BTSSB site many times this week, and the Doll Romancia OP catches my eye more and more. Both the black and white colorways are both gorgeous, but I think the white version is attracting me more.

There are a few black OPs I like from AaTP, which is where I would prefer to get my darker clothing. My only problem is that most of their fully-black OPs are only short sleeve, and I really want to get full B/W OPs with detachable sleeves.

Would it be worth getting the rare white BTSSB OP with headdress for my Shiro outfit, and the Doll Romancia in black for my Kuro? Or should I go for the Doll Romancia OP in the colorway that I like more, and wait for another black OP to purchase later? Would any of them be worth the purchase at all? I'm just not sure.

If any of you have an opinion on either OP, or even own them, then your comments would be highly appreciated! I just want to be sure I make a smart purchase that will be worth it in the end. :)
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