Sydney (marmaladeskies) wrote in egl,

Comfortable boots?

I'm going to Disneyland Paris next month and am already planning my wardrobe and what to wear on each day that I'm day. As I'll be on my feet for 18+ hours each day, comfort is paramount to me. I'm going to mostly be wearing casual classic lolita, and have run into a bit of a problem regarding footwear. For comfort I have to wear flat shoes, but trouble is I can't find any nice flat brown loliable boots that would be comfortable enough. Do any of you ladies have any recommendations you could give me? I really want offbrand as I can't afford brand prices at the moment.

My only specifications are they have to be brown and flat (and boots rather than shoes obviously).

I did think about maybe wearing my chocolate colour uggs, but am not sure if they would look cute enough :/ (and I know most of you are probably recoiling in horror at this idea which also puts me off wearing them)

I did do a search but was only able to find stuff about shoes, not boots.
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