thedarkness23 (thedarkness23) wrote in egl,

hi lolitas and brolitas!!!
i been into the fashion now for two years and i am just starting my collection. but i was wondering if anyone would like to have a pen pal? because i really want to know someone who has the same interests as me because many of my friends don't. I know that you can add people on to you journal but i find letters are more personal.

my name is Oliva, i am 15 nearly 16 my favorite brands are moi meme moitie and btssb
i love all kinds of music my favorite bands right now are 30 seonconds to mars and the gazette
my lolita fashion is black (i wouldn't really call myself a goth)
i don't mind where you are from but i'm not very good a languages so keep that in mind.
if you are intersted please leave a comment below and i'lll get back to you as soon as i can
i'll try and answer all questions as well

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