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A Wild Lace Monster Appears

So, I was looking for a plain off-white blouse to wear under a JSK, and I thought "well, I don't want anything super special, so Bodyline should do the trick." I guess I was having an impulsive moment, and bought the first one that I saw that vaguely fit the criteria for around 25 dollars.  Well, I got it in the mail today, and it is COVERED in yards and yards of cheap lace that I couldn't even see on the stock picture (looks like ruffles on my computer screen).  To ship it back and get a refund would probably be more expensive than the cost of the shirt itself, so I'm not sure what to do.  I guess I could try to take off the lace, but I'm not a very skilled seamstress and I'm scared I'd ruin it further.  I know this topic has probably been posted before, but I guess I'm just not typing in the right keywords.  Does anyone have any advice about what to do?

I have a feeling that picture didn't work.
there's a picture of the lace up close. Tell me if you need more pictures.
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