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Interestingly enough, it's not often that socks have much focus put on them even though there are certain things one should never wear with certain outfits...

However, with my recent acquisition of two dresses that I can't wear black tights with, I've come upon the dilemma as to what sort of socks I should wear and where I should get those socks.

I recently ordered this dress in green

and this new one in brown

Unlike sites like angelic pretty, Bodyline doesn't make a pair of socks to match every outfit (though I do think they have a pair that go with the poodle print). So I'm wondering what sort of socks I'd want to go for with these. I love prints but solids might be easier. Would I be looking for white knee highs? The first dress has black in it and it's starting to cool down here. Would I want to go with black tights? If it's knee socks I'm going for, is there a good place that sells fairly low priced socks without being poor quality? I think what socks to wear with what outfit would be a nice tutorial in itself.
Tags: garment: legwear, request: site recs/reviews, request: store recs/reviews

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