Juniorsweet (juniorsweet) wrote in egl,

Looking for a specific item on Taobao/Chinese character Question

I've been getting an order ready to place on taobao and since I'm getting MP in blue in a couple weeks, I'm looking for a blue or white star shaped bag from taobao to tack on to the order. I know that dream of lolita carried them, but they are not in the shop. It seems like there was another shop that carried them, but I can't find it. Perhaps it was banirabbit? But I can't read the navigation bar, and its an image, not plain text so I can't translate it and click on the sidebars at banirabbit to navigate to the page where they show more of what they have. Its not worth the work, clicking on every last link, if they don't have it. Somebody help me out if you can. Thanks!

Also if you know the chinese characters for "star shaped bag", that would be great so I could just run a general search of the site.
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