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Aiko number 273

Photoshoot: Apatico and I Do Declare

I believe I've only posted here a handful of times but I just finished a shoot that I think some people may enjoy!

Recently the ridiculously talented Apatico sent me a huge bonnet (among other hats) to shoot. My style usually leans towards EGA, however I love to try out different styles, especially if they are out of my comfort zone. I contacted I Do Declare to see if she had any dresses that would match the bonnet, and she did! Both of these designers are brilliant, the detail and work put in to each piece is stunning, I definitely recommend buying from either of them.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My inspiration for the images were Victorian portrait photographs of children (cliche, I know), and I used a vintage leg brace for something a bit different (and may I point out that I wasn't trying to sexualise the style, I am genuinely interested in antiques and try to use as many as possible within my work).

(sorry my pose is so EGA, haha)

For an idea of my usual style, here is an image of myself and 10sugars doing double EGA in a Gothic Lolita Fashion show at the Japanese Art Festival:

And another of Apatico's hats - this time a bicorn that I commissioned:

Tags: *apatico, *i do declare, garment: dresses, garment: headwear, media: photoshoots

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