Louise Fairweather (insertevilname) wrote in egl,
Louise Fairweather

Question about IW's Emblem print JSK

A few days ago I was looking at IW's Emblem print high waist JSK at Hello Lace (http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/jsk/53/), since I own it in black and wanted to have a look at stock pics of the other colourways, and noticed something odd. The stock pics show the JSK with no shirring, and a lace-up back, whereas mine has no lace-up, and shirring in the back. I am not the first owner of the JSK, but I don't think it has been altered. So I'm really curious to know what the reason for this is, has the Emblem print been released twice, in different versions? Or has my dress simply been very skillfully altered?

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