crystal_moon975 (crystal_moon975) wrote in egl,

An Interesing Predicament (Thanks for the Help)

I have to write a 15-page research artical on anything I wish. I've decided to do the connection between fashion in the U.S in the last 20 years and its political relationship with Japan. Aka I'm seeing how Lolita influence mainestream American fashion.

I'm trying to figure ou how to research this, since it has to academic, and was wondering what you guys thought. I already found a lovely artical that actually links to this community and is quite accruate in the style discription and such.

Edit: I read the suggestions and have to agree, I'm gonna set myself up for failure. I think I'll compleatly redo my topic for something else. I just wanted to get the word out about Lolita, but I guess I was too ambisious (aka stupid) about my topic.

Also, some people asked for the artical link, so here it is:
Tags: community: research/essays/projects
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