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SO_LOLITA Unionville Harvest Festival Meetup

Unionville Harvest Festival Meetup
October 23st 2010
11:00 AM
We shall meet on Main Street where the Shuttle drops off the groups
 We’ll promenade the main street, do some shopping and nibbling at the various shoppes and restaurants, and see and be seen. The 18th Century legacy of the areas first settlers is on display as beautiful and historic buildings, old mills, churches and more with a touch of modern There are over 60 shops and boutiques, dozens of restaurants and cafes, galleries an old train station, a bandstand, carriage rides and more to see and do. And it’s the local Heritage Harvest Season, with sidewalk sales and special menus being offered. (i am looking in prices for horse carriage ride, double decker ride & historic walking you let me know if this interest you)

Theme:  dress up in your best Harvest Colours or Halloween Colours :)

and because it's Halloween....
Candy Exchange
Those who want to participate simply comment below when you are confirming you can come to the meetup.(please let us know if your +1 will be wanting to participate)
Each participants brings his/her favorite candy (please make sure the candy is bagged and if it is not please bag them yourselves for hygiene purposes), whether it be candy corn, chocolate bars, jubejubes or chips while adhearing to the allergy list below, & the number of participants! Each Participants should also bring a suitable size bag to put the candy he/she collects. You may give out the candy at any time during the meetup.
 [more info can be found on the so_lolita  post]

uttate  +1
Total: 6

Shuttle/ Directions Information: Taking a trip to Unionville can be completely free! There is a free shuttle that you can take but you must sign up for it! Please ensure to read the following

Register for the Shuttle at the Sightseeing Information Booth inside the Great Hall of Union Station. The Booth is located along the north wall between the "Lotto Centre" and "Go Train" Kiosks. It is the bright yellow booth that says "Sightseeing Toronto.

[more information available on the so_lolita  post]

To the drivier: If you are able to or want to carpool a few lolitas in your area you may comment below with you name, location (where you can pick up people) the number of seats available and any requirements such as chipping in for gas, need to meet you somewhere ect. 
To the lolita getting pick up: contact the driver and notify you are interested in the carpool when both candidates agree, one of you should contact me to adjust the carpool status on this thread
[note: if the lolita is not at a certain area or is nowhere to be seen the driver is in full authority to drive off without that lolita]

To RSVP to this meetup you must comment on the so_lolita thread located here. More information about directions, carpooling will be located there as well. If you have any questions please ask them :]  

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