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La Vida Frills "My Personal Dream" Contest ~ Deadline Oct.31st

Contest Banner

Over at my blog, La Vida Frills, there is a contest going on! If you haven't noticed, some of your favorite blogs might have been posting some "dream personal outfits" related posts. This is all part of the contest! But wait, you are probably asking "Can I join in?" Of course you can! 

Here are the details: 

Submit your own dream coordinate (Using Polyvore or whatever image program you chose. You can even make a video on Youtube and post it!) that incorporates something about your interests or something personal!

Reply to either of the posts on La Vida Frills (that talks about the contest) with a comment that includes the image (or video) and a description of why it represents you!


And yes, there are prizes!! 

a La Vida Frill's Gift Set. It includes: a La Vida Frills movie (DVD), a La Vida Frills approved Movie Snack, a small Brand Acessory Item and an assortment of off-brand accessories! Interested?

and remember....
The submission deadline is October 31st!

I'll also be posting a video about it as well!

Please check it out and have fun! 
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