ginki (ginki) wrote in egl,

Questions about a Bodyline dress

So, I've been eyeballing this dress for hours.
I'm tempted to make a purchase. . . but I thought that it'd be better to ask if anyone has purchased this dress and if it's a good buy.

Name: "1209"

The first thing I must ask is. .  does anyone have a photo wearing this dress?
Is the material of good quality, and does the shirring stretch nicely?
Does the print look overdone in person?
Also, this is just a general question about Bodyline's shipping, but which would be better to choose; EMS or DHL?
I've heard mix stories with both, which leaves me unsure.
If I purchase this dress, I want it by Halloween. Which shipping method would make that possible?
Tags: *bodyline, ordering: shipping, request: review

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