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Late Theme Post: RSS Tutorial

Hey guys, this is a little late, but I only just figured out how to do this yesterday - yeah I'm pretty slow to adopt new technology :I

How to use RSS feeds to track livejournal community posts

Have you ever found yourself rushing to the computer every 15 minutes to check egl or the egl_comm_sales? I know I do! But you don't need to go through all that tedious work anymore thanks to the power of RSS feeds! This is also for those of us who for one reason or another don't have one of them new-fangled, so-called "Smart" phones with the fancy emails and intarbutts.

I use a program called Omega Reader, which is available for free and compatible with Windows:

but you can find one that you like yourself by checking here:

Once you've downloaded the program, install it and follow the installation instructions (PROTIP: just keep hitting yes/OK XD)

Once you've got it installed, you have to Subscribe to the feeds you want. My screenshots will be from Omega. I'm just going to link rather than put the whole picture in, that way my photobucket doesn't go over it's bandwidth :O

Find the "Feeds" section, and then look for where it says "Subscribe".

For LJ communities, you enter the URL seen here, and enter the name of the community where I've shown (Change the part that says COMMUNITYNAMEGOESHERE to the community name. If it members only, select the option to use a login name and password, and enter your LJ name and password.

Your program may come with some default installed feeds. Just right click the name of the feed and select Uninstall.

You're almost done now! In Omega, I right click the name of the feed and select Notify Me!

It gives me several options as to how the program lets me know there's a new message in the feed (Think of "You've Got Mail!" from the days of AOL). I select a sound from the WINDOWS folder that isn't associated with any other tasks, but you can pick the sound file you like.

Last, you want to pick how often it checks for new posts. The default in Omega is every 4 hours, but I like it to update more frequently so I can see !DS posts right away :3 Go to Tools>Options>Feeds to change this in Omega.

Now you can WALK AWAY! I know, it's sad, but I have an internet addiction :O

You can also subscribe to feeds on blogger and other blogging websites. Look for this symbol, or the words "Subscribe", "Atom" or "RSS". Atom and RSS are just two different kinds of feed, and both work for Omega.

I hope you find this interesting!
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