sweetmeloli (sweetmeloli) wrote in egl,

Help!Socks.....Dont chew That

A few months ago my family adopted a lab puppy.:D He was soooo cute until I brought him home and he went gaga around my lolita socks!  Ever since then I have to hide my socks (even if i have them on!) from him. Last night I went to a pary and when i got home 15 pair of my Lolita socks had small  holes in them!!!! I cant sew, mom cant and non of my friends can DX. I dont know how to mend socks but if someone can help me that would be great. I have a party to go to in a week or so and I only have on pair of white knee lenght socks! SO PL PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP MEEEE! Also i did learn the lolita socks are diffrent than other socks.

If this is not really lolita realed or against the rules I understand~

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