Bianca (curly_b) wrote in egl,

Photo submissions for a lolita panel

On October 10th at New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest, marthaness, a_dropofcolour, and I are presenting a lolita fashion panel called "Making Lolita Work for You". We are looking for photo submissions of your lolita style to include in a slideshow that will showcase the unique styles of lolitas worldwide!

The panel is a discussion on unconventional lolita styles. We will examine the rules of the fashion that make the unique "lolita look", then take the rules and bend them. We will also discuss how people new to the fashion can jump the hurdles stopping them from wearing the fashion. Basically the goal of the panel is to encourage people to wear what they like, be creative, and inspire/be inspired!

If you make lolita your own, mix your own taste into it, do something unconventional, or have adapted the style for practical reasons, we would love to include a photo of you in your coordinate in the panel! The photo would appear in a slideshow that will play on a screen behind us while parts of the discussion go on. If you like, I can obscure your face in the photo, or if you'd prefer to have your name or website address on the photo for credit, that's fine too.

You can either post the photo here, or if you feel more comfortable, please feel free to email it to me at

Thank you very much for your time!
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