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First year anniversary, FIT tea party, October sale and new stuff!

It's been a while since we posted here and we just wanted to update you all (especially those that don't follow our blog and haven't friended us here) on some of the things going on at Tokyo Rebel!

First, it's our New York store's one-year anniversary!  So we're planning some things for next month to celebrate and thank everyone for supporting us.  Some of these things we can't announce yet, but we've already announced "Photo Fridays" starting this Friday, where anyone who comes in dressed in Lolita (or another Japanese fashion) can get their picture taken for our photo wall and web site, get 5% off any purchase that day and get entered into our grab bag mini-contest that will be decided at the end of the month.  So anyone who's in New York or planning a trip, use your visit as an excuse to dress up!  Don't worry, if you can't make it to the store, we've got other cool things planned later this month.

Second, don't forget to come see us October 5 at the FIT Lolita Panel Discussion and Tea Party!  We'll be appearing there along with Gashicon from Hangry and Angry, having a moderated discussion and then taking questions, and we'll be hanging around at the tea party itself too, with a table where we'll be selling small items (cash only, most likely) and displaying some of our clothes.  FIT has a little more about this on their web site here.

Third, if you haven't visited our site lately, you'll probably want to check out some of the new stuff we have.  We've gotten two shipments from AP in this month (including Little Bear's Cafe), as well as new items from Innocent World and Putumayo, and an Atelier-Pierrot shipment's coming in today.  There's just a *lot* of new stuff, and it's coming in so fast right now that we've temporarily given up on even trying to take our own photos of all of it - we're just posting it up as fast as we can with stock photos so you don't need to wait to order it.  Even so, we're still a little backlogged, so keep checking our site - we'll be posting new items every day until we're caught up.  Lots of socks and other things will hopefully be going up today.

Lastly, we haven't even posted this on our blog yet but we're starting an Algonquins sale today - 10% off all Algonquins items.  Use code ALGON102010 at checkout.  (If you use this code, you can only order Algonquins items on your order.)  Not everything from Algonquins qualifies as Lolita but some of it does, so take a look at what we have!  Some items were already on sale, and now you can take an additional 10% off! This sale will last through October.
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