Rei (quentin_watson) wrote in egl,

Morrigan NYC Sale?

Hello ladies! I'm hoping someone may be able to answer my question about Morrigan NYC clothing line.

Morrigan Home

I was unable to make it to Otakon where they did the fashion show, but remember reading in their blog that the new line of 18th century literature-inspired clothing would be going on sale soon. This was back at the beginning of August & as of now I haven't received an email or seen any new blog posts. (I'm watching their etsy store & signed up for their newsletter)

I do not want to miss the Moby Dick print skirt! So-does anyone know if they are still working on manufacturing the new line, or did I just miss the boat (hahahaaa, pun intended!) entirely? Thanks for any insight! :)
Tags: request: information

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