tailzz0666 (tailzz0666) wrote in egl,

QutieLand HELP! and 1 or 2 other things


ok for starters HI! im Abigail-lucy

i've been following the Lolita fashion for several years but have never managed to afford anything untill i found the Qutieland shopping service.

Im really into Gothic Lolita but i love all Lolita styles and i found this dress i love kidsyoyo castle prayer classical OP and i was wondering if anyone else had purchased it? and are there any reviews for it? i used the search tool and found this review www.community.livejournal.com/egl/15768765.html and it made me kinda worried about getting it.

i would be ordering it custom sized as i am very much a plus sized girl so i was also wondering wether you thought it would suit somone as large as me (i go at about a UK size 24 to 30 in jeans depending on make and an xl to xxl in tops again depending on make i dont know what that equals in dress size as i've never actaually worn a dress)  

any advice for ordering from QutieLand and what to avoid would be MUCH appreciated aswell

if i put something that wasnt supposed to be here i shall delete

thank you and sorry if im being a bother


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