sacuri (sacuri) wrote in egl,

Reviews of Jesus Diamante coat replicas/ AP Replica Boots?

 Since I couldn't find any reviews by using the search function, I really  hope you can help me more : )

I would like to know good TaoBao shops (or other sources) for Jesus Diamante coat replicas or if possible reviews of coats like this:
I guess the thickness wouldn't be the greatest, but maybe otherwise the quality is fine?

(Please be so kind and don't start a discussion about the fur, which is used.)

More over I would be glad to hear anything about a comparison between the Secret Shop version of these AP replicas and this TaoBao shop version

What about the quality of the shoes? On first sight you see the different shoe clips, but what about the other differences?
Tags: discussion: replicas, garment: coats/capes, garment: shoes, request: review

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