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Recommendations for complimentary colour?

I'm making myself a dress for Saturday, I've chosen a fabric but my design calls for a solid, complimentary coloured fabric. Usually I dont have a problem finding fabrics that go together. But, well, my fabric is brown:

Dont get me wrong, I really like this fabric. It's got this subtle sadness to it from the colours, but then the floral print itself is very classically beautiful. The only thing is: nothing really goes with it. The obvious choice would be black or ivory white, but the "black" in the fabric is more of a dark brown inky colour. And I think white would "go" with the fabric (as in it wouldn't clash or anything like that) but it would not be flattering to the design. Also I'll be using ivory lace.

Here is my doodle:

I'll be using a modified version of this peasant blouse for the bodice (shortening it to the natural waist and adding darts), and an a-line/half circle skirt that is slightly gathered at the waist and has a ruffle at the bottom.

Because the seam joining the bodice to the skirt will not have a smooth transition and because the bodice is not particularly fitted, I will put a belt/tie thingy around the waist. I will sew it into the side seams, so that when it ties in the back it will pull the fabric in the front smooth. It will be cut it 6" wide, but then add two or three rough pleats into the side seams to bring the apparent width down to like 3 or 4".

The bottom of the skirt will have two layers of ruffles. The first one will be a short, 2 or 3 inch ruffle in my "complimentary" fabric, and then a longer 6 or 7" ruffle in my brown print fabric. I will have some gathered eyelet lace to hide where this ruffle meets the rest of the skirt.

So basically, if you look at my sketch, wherever it's blue, that will be where my brown rose-printed fabric goes, and wherever there is red, that is where the complimentary fabric goes. the scallopy details indicate ivory coloured eyelet lace.

So what would look good with my fabric, but is not black, white, or brown?

Here are some more pics:
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