Fuzzeh little manpeach (missspastic) wrote in egl,
Fuzzeh little manpeach

Help with buying my first brand piece

Hello, I'm a rather new Lolita.  I've done plenty of research, have a few offbrand pieces, and now I'm going to attempt to buy my first brand piece.  I want it to either be a JSK, OP, or skirt.  My favorite brand as of now has to be AATP, but I also like BTSSB, Meta, and Moitie, of course (although I have a feeling MMM will be WAY out of my cost range.) My current price range for a skirt is 80-100 dollars, and for a dress it is 150-200 dollars.  Of course, this post is about looking on the sales boards, as the sites themselves are rather self-explanatory.  My main question is: can anyone suggest some prints or series in which I may like and would probably fall in my price range?  My current favorite prints that I know of are A Midsummer Night's Dream by AATP, Vampire Requiem by AATP, Iron Gate by MMM, Sleeping Beauty by AATP, Name of the Rose by either AATP or BTSSB (I can't remember >.<), Twinkle Journey by Metamorphose,  and Old Rose by Metamorphose.  However, I know it's not likely at all that I'd be able to aquire any of these within my price range.  As you can probably tell, the prints I'd be interested usually would consist of roses, subtle floral patterns, mostly dark colorways, ivory mixed with black and red, etc.  I mostly like gothic and classic, but if the print is a little bit sweet that's ok too. I know this may be a lot of work, but would anybody be able to help me?  If not, I understand.
(note: this is not meant to be a WTB post, just a suggestion post)
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