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Punk Wa/Qi Lolita?

Alright, I checked to make sure that this question hasn't already been asked before BUT, if this does happen to repetitive, please notify me beforing removing it (if applicable).

So, my question is: "Has anyone ever attempted Punk Wa OR Punk Qi Lolita?"

Wafuku and Qi Pao lolita styles interest me greatly. And at the same time, I also really like punk lolita. So, I was wondering if there is any possible way to incorporate the two... And since I have found absolutely ZERO examples of this/these combined style(s) and don't want to be an Ita at all costs, I wanted to ask if ANYONE here has tried to mix these styles or have information to share? Or, even better, does anyone have any examples (descriptions and pictures appreciated ^ ^)??

Thanks in advance!

- miyaka ^o^

P.S. I'm sorry if I tagged this entry inappropriately. (The "Select Tags" wouldn't load the tags...)

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