Christine G.O. (dreamseerx) wrote in egl,
Christine G.O.

A Lolita's Worst Nightmare Continued...

Here is a link to the previous post made:

The Heart Flocky Ribbon JSK

I took this JSK to a cleaner's and long story short, they 'lost' it. This happened about three weeks ago now and it still sucks to think about. Continuing from where I left off in my first post, I did meet with the manager and brought in an arsenal of information concerning my item, including the original tag and the waist ties. I dressed in a nice pair of slick black pants and a blouse, so I made sure to keep my cool and stay calm.

The manager was nice and much more helpful than the employees. I went in to the cleaner's with my older brother who is a police officer and has his uniforms cleaned there, so they were a little intimidated by him which was nice. All the more fire under them to find the dress. The manager took the printed out pictures I had of the dress and said she would call her other stores ((which caught me off guard...really? wtf?)) and get back to me. She called me later that day saying she might have given the dress to another customer. She called the customers with the numbers close to my tag, and said she found one receipt where a woman had an extra dress marked.

So I gave them a few days and waited to contact the woman, I called, and finally went in again and the manager apologized saying they had set the dress aside for special cleaning and have lost it. =( The woman they had contacted did not have the dress. So I filed an insurance claim with all the information regarding the dress, and will now have to wait for their insurance company to process my claim and contact me.

It's a very sucky situation to be in, so I guess the moral of the story is that if you have a lolita garment that needs cleaning, go to a very high end place. The cleaner's I went to had NEVER had any problems with my family's laundry, including some formal wear, until, of course, this particular item came along.

On a side note, if anyone finds the Heart Flocky JSK in Pink, please let me know! I found it in black on a secondhand Lolita store and want to purchase it, but I need a shopping service since it's all in Japanese. XD So if anyone is offering a shopping service, please let me know!

My WTB post for a Heart Flocky JSK (in case you have one...) is listed here:

So Ladies, be careful with your precious brand cleaning! It goes to show you cannot trust cleaner's with even good reputations. I had taken in a blue Bodyline JSK and received that item back, no problem. Of course it was the BRAND item that didn't return. =/

I also wanted to thank everyone for the kind words of encouragement, advice, and the support. You all are very wonderful!


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