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Jane Marple 25th Anniversary Project

I cross-posted this on the Jane Marple community (danslesalon) but thought there are probably Jane Marple fans out there on EGL that don't follow the community.

I've been thinking about this project for a while now- As some of you may or may not know, 2010 is the 25th anniversary of Jane Marple. I wanted to create a little something to send to the designer and staff of the Harajuku branch of the store to show that there is interest in the Jane Marple clothes overseas.

Zine Project:
A little zine featuring clothing snaps and drawings or writing about Jane Marple to be sent to JM designer Murano Megumi and shop staff at Harajuku in celebration of the 25th anniversary. If there are enough submissions I will also create a webpage version of the contents so that everyone can enjoy. The zine will be 1/4 of 8.5 x 11" letter size paper.

In addition, one of my hobbies is to create zines so I will also be making a B&W version of the zine to sell at the price of printing costs (around $3-4 depending on page count and # of submissions). Please note that this is not for profit. I go to a lot of zine fairs and just like the idea of creating a physical object that can be shared with others.

Contributors may get a free copy of the physical zine as long as you agree to help me out with the shipping if it ends up being more than one dollar. I would appreciate donations to cover printing costs, but they are not mandatory for contributors. :-)

What I am looking for:

1. Photos of you wearing a Jane Marple item. You can send as many as you want. Send the largest file size you have. B&W or colour is fine. They can be old or new photos as long as you are wearing something from JM. :-)

2. Any writings about Jane Marple or drawings - like your favourite dress or motifs that you like or a story about when you visited the JM store or drawings inpsired by Jane Marple designs. It can be something short like a paragraph or longer if you wish.

For all submissions:
If you want, include name, age, contact info, website with your submission. Contact info will only be included in the copy to JM designer and JM shop staff - just in case they liked your photo or something and wanted to get in touch with you.

When sending in your submissions, please confirm that you do not mind if your submission appears on the website or in the printed B&W zine. You can refuse to have your submission appear on both or either one of these mediums as I know that some people may be worried about privacy. In that case, the submission will only appear in the booklet I prepare to send to the JM designer and will not be revealed publicly.

To send files, you can PM me on LJ the link to where you have uploaded the file or PM me for my email address.

Deadline is November 20th, 2010. I will prepare the booklet in time for Christmas / New Years. I will make another post again 1 week before the deadline in November.

Thank you for your interest! Let me know if you have more questions! :D

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