Sara Raur (sicksixsix) wrote in egl,
Sara Raur


Hello EGL, I am in dire need of some advice/review on PRISILA wigs.

I ordered THIS Prisila wig from Wigland. I should have done more research before hand. But after placing the order, I browsed around the 'net looking for pictures of Prisila wigs and I found these pics that basically show Prisila wigs are really thin!! I'm really nervous and concerned about my order now, I was really expecting the wigs to be fuller.

I was wondering if I can get more reviews on this brand, are they all this thin? I'm afraid that even just one chunk out of place, the cap would show -__-

And what about the brand Malibu (wigland also carries them), does anyone own wigs from that brand?

Thanks a lot!!

ps. thanks for all the suggestions and help, extremely appreciate it.

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