Farasha SilverSand (farasha) wrote in egl,
Farasha SilverSand

My skirt came in!

After waiting patiently for weeks, my new Bodyline skirt has finally arrived! This is actually my first lolita purchase, as all the rest of my coords were pieced together from department outlets or handmade. I'm too lazy to post a full review but I have a couple of pictures under the cut. I apologize for the horrible grainy cell phone pictures, but my camera is throwing fits at me and refuses to work.

I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and sheen of the cotton used for this skirt. It feels almost like a cotton sateen, and while it is unlined, I wore it without a petticoat to class and my bright pink underwear did not show through (hah). It is a tad bit tight on me - I got the M size, and my waist measurement is 33 1/2" for reference. It's not too tight to wear, but I wouldn't wear it all day and changed out of it as soon as I got home. It comes with a detachable waist bow that I will be attaching to a barrette and making a headbow out of.

The print is way cute. It's hard to see on the site but there are some adorable motifs here - balloons, bluebirds stealing the girl's hat. The polkadots may look like a bit much but I actually found them pretty charming. The lace at the bottom is not outstanding but it is very soft and not itchy at all.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. My roommate, who is not into lolita, saw it and fell in love, so she may be buying a skirt or two on Bodyline in the future as well.

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