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Red Polkadot Picture Request~

You all must get tired of these. BUT EVEN SO. I must ask anyway because I need co-ord reference and stock photos! Thank you in advance!

Since Halloween is around the corner, and I'm a slow seamstress(Believe me I probably wont have it done until the last day before Halloween haha) , I was wondering if you could help me out a bit! I want to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween so I decided to give her a lolita twist along with my kodona Mickey. The dress is going to have red polka dot, with black accents.
Sort of like this:

Soooooo. I was wondering if anyone had done any red polka dots/black coordinates that they could share with me. Just for inspiration! Also, I'm having a hard time finding any red polkadot brand dresses, so if you can find any I would really appreciate it. I'm looking for polkadots all over the dress not just in a few areas. I'm not looking to make a replica, just get some ideas on how I should pull the outfit together. Any help would be wonderful!


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