chicabelle16 (chicabelle16) wrote in egl,

Petticoat questions!

Hi everyone! I'm a fairly new loli, and have been having some definite issues with store-bought petticoats. I was hoping someone could help me, as I searched the memories and the archive and didn't find my actual question answered.

Ok, here's the deal:

First of all, I'm a plus-size lolita in the American sense - I wear a size 20-22 in US-sized skirts, so please keep that in mind.   Most of my lolita is handmade, including the one petticoat that I wear all the time.  My problem lies with the rest of my pettis.  I have two that are exactly like Malco Modes 582.  They are soft, fluffy, and don't deflate as the day goes on.  My problem is that all the fluff is at the bottom, so all of my skirts are tight over the fluff at the bottom but still have space near the top (does this make sense?  I don't have any pictures to post as my camera battery won't charge anymore).  I also have some short lingerie-style petticoats, like the short costumey ones sold by Leg Avenue.

What I'd like to know is if there is a "trick" to getting your petticoats to have more evenly-distributed fluff?  I've tried layering a short one over a normal one and it just makes the top flatter (as the short petti is not stretchy, so it compresses).  Am I doing something wrong?  Can anyone help me?

Thank you :D

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