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Tutorial: How to post pictures larger

Hi everyone!
I was just browsing around daily_lolita, and I often see pictures that are quite small. Since this month's theme is tutorials, I thought I'd show everyone how to post up their pictures bigger ^^ and of course this isn't just for daily_lolita, it's for anywhere on livejournal :)

okay, so if you use the rich text editor and "insert/edit image", and simply click and paste one, it'll restrict it to a 320x240 size, and still be linkable:

normally if you try to resize an image larger, it'll turn out blurry and pixelated:

The fix is quite simple. If you want it bigger, you simply take out the last slash part of the URL under "image info", and insert the width or height you want, in this case I used 400 for the width:
Make sure to delete the "/" otherwise the picture won't show. The picture will still be linked to the full size image.

If you want to post the full size picture, simply delete the slash part like above, and delete the numbers in the width field:
Now you have the full size image, and it still links to the full size image as well ^^

that's about it! pretty simple, huh?
yay! now you can post your pictures any size you want :D
hoped you liked the macro as well ;)
Tags: theme: september, tutorial: misc
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