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Whos google-fu is stronger than mine?

Can anybody locate this R-Series skirt on taobao? 


I've utterly fallen in love with this skirt, which popped up 'new' on Qutieland a while ago. I'm sure many of you are aware of how much QT adds to their prices, so I'd much rather buy straight from R-Series, however, I cannot find this skirt on their Taobao nor their online store whats so ever.

Would anyone possibly have a better chance of finding this? I have also tried asking the shop through taobao spree but it seems they're not often online to talk to, or something along those lines. Considering it's 'brand new' and 'limited edition' on QT, I'm guessing that I've missed something while shifting through their sites, clicking literatly everything clickable. (If it really can't be found elsewhere, I'm willing to buy it via QT).

And so.. Lolita uses last resort!'s super effective? (Sorry, pokemon on the brain, Black and White..)
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